About me

I’d be the first to say that coming to realize your current circumstances are not exactly what you planned for your life can be a hard pill to swallow. It may also be really difficult to accept that you are responsible for where you are right now.

My name is Letina Mata and I help women who have had negative experiences that affected their perception of self, change their belief system so they can create the life they actually want and start showing up as the best version of themselves.

An unplanned pregnancy in a toxic relationship, unemployment, blaming everyone else and feeling stuck for quite some time was the start of my personal development journey. I recovered from mild postpartum depression, started a business, created a wonderful transformational self help tool, and now I coach many women to help them transform their belief systems and circumstances.

My experiences forced me to tap into parts of me that I didn’t know existed. This is why I am so passionate about helping women realize that they hold the power to transform their own lives.

My core pillars rest on self love, self discovery and most importantly mindset work. I believe that we are all a continued work in progress. However grasping those fundamentals creates a beautiful foundation that will empower you and allow you to create the abundance, happiness and fulfillment you desire in life.

letina mata

FUN Facts

I am a mommy of a little girl and a complete introvert, but not many people can guess that. I am passionate about seeing people discover their awesomeness!

  • Seeing a sunset makes me so happy
  • I have no clue how to ride a bike
  • The key to my heart is a massage or a plane ticket
  • I’d chose to skydive rather than swim in the middle of the deep blue sea any day
  • I want to meet Tony Robbins or Kathrin Zenkina in real life!!! Like omg!

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