What Is Action To Clarity?

Action to Clarity digital course is a self paced 5 module course designed to help you build confidence and overcome fear to take actions towards your heart centred goals.

Goal achievement is not simply DOING, it’s also about BEING and the ENERGY behind what you’re doing.

This course will take you through an entire process that will allow you to gain clarity towards your goals, overcome fear that prevents you from taking action and help you create an action plan that works for you.

action to clarity - build confidence & overcome fear to achieve your goals

Is this you?

Do you
have a goal you want to work towards but feel a lot of resistance to get it done? You know it's possible, but there feels like something keeps holding you back.
Do you
Compare yourself to others in your space and question if something is wrong with you because you haven't accomplished your goals just yet?
Does it
feel like you have a consistency and procrastination issue?
Do you
visualize, journal, do affirmations and are doing all the "inner work" and say to yourself, "im doing all the things why isn't this happening for me??"
Do you
feel as though you are not clear about the action steps you're supposed to take?
Do you
wish you knew how to deal with the fear of failing, fear about what others will think of you, fear of not being ready and fear of things not being "perfect", fear of your worst case scenario coming to life?
Do you
believe that despite all of the above you deserve to bring your goals to life because they were put on your hear for a reason?

If you said YES to any of the above

And you are ready for transformation

5 Modules

  • Become very clear on what you want and why you want it
  • Understand how to goal set effectively
  • Explore your self discovery process
  • Learn how to create a personalized and feasible action plan related to your goals
  • Create a contingency plan if you fall off the plan
  • Understand the BEING part of goal achievement
  • Learn how to become more consistent
  • Understand what self trust has to do with your goals
  • Implementing Habit Tracking & Accountability in your daily lives
  • Learn strategies to manage fear
  • Create personalized affirmations that work for you
  • Unpack limiting beliefs and how to change the narrative
  • Understand the energetics behind goal achievement
  • Things to do in addition to your actions related directly to your goals
  • The importance of detachment in this process
  • Embodiment & integration after achieving goals
action to clairty

Goal achievement is not simply DOING, it’s also about BEING and the ENERGY behind what you’re doing.

Letina Mata

mindset coach

What To Expect in Action To Clarity Digital Course?

This course will be provided in a drip format where you will access 1 module weekly for 5 weeks via true growth academy.

The first module will be released on February 13th 2021. You will be informed via email of each module release.

You can access all material for each module that has a worksheet attached for you to complete at the end of each module via true growth academy.

There will be a private facebook group where you will have access myself and to the other women in the group. Share aha moments, connect with other like minded women and learn and grow from each other. 

Who this program is for?

This program is for the person who desires clarity about their goals and wants to create a personalized action plan to remain accountable and consistent.
This program is for the person who is ready to learn strategies to manage fear and doubt so that it does not stop you from taking the messy inspired action needed to achieve your goals
This program is for the person who desires to learn the BEING part of goal achievement that can be applied to other areas of your life.

ACTION TO CLARITY - Build Confidence & Overcome Fear To Achieve Goals