I know you imagine how different things would be if you would put your fears aside or not worry about what others would think or say. You were put here with innate gifts and talents and a greater purpose. It is time to go after your heart centred goals unapologetically.
The negative thoughts that consume you will keep you stuck. Learning the strategies to overcome fear and self sabotage is necessary to step into your awesomeness. Of course once you learn this you will be further equipped to support yourself and others.
Inner work without action is useless. There must be accountability for the goals you have set for yourself. Having a powerhouse of an accountability partner is where the magic happens.
Experience the abundance that you deserve from engaging activities that feel aligned for you. Learn to make decisions and create the life you desire with ease so that all the decisions you make comes from a healthy and fulfilling place


“Define what success means to you. Ensure that the route you take to achieve your goals and visions are aligned with who you are. It’s the simplest way to having the abundance that you deserve” Letina Mata

VIP True Growth Coaching with Letina Mata

My background in psychology, personal experience and continued investments in my personal mastery has allowed me to create a framework that combines science (logic) and spirituality to help you reframe your beliefs so that you can achieve the goals and visions you have for yourself.  

Together we create an ALIGNED plan of action that works for you. My soul mission is to help persons discover their innate abundance and achieve the goals and visions they have for themselves. 

do i need a coach
  • You are ready to invest in and commit to your personal development
  • You are 150% committed to showing up for yourself daily and doing the inner work
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life because you believe life has greater things in store for you
  • You are coachable!

  • You are not coachable – aka cannot take constructive criticism, or take responsibility for your role in the outcome of your life
  • You are not willing to commit to doing your inner work and implementing the plan of action that we create to achieve your end goal
  • You continuously live in the past and blame everyone else for those experiences
  • You cannot deal with tough love that comes with my coaching at times

Coaching Packages

Choose one and lets get started

True Growth Call

30 Minute Session


1 time Discovery Call

Discuss where you are & where you would like to go
Assess what has been keeping you back from your goals
Determine what action plans can be implemented to give you some momentum
Discuss if we are a good fit for each other to work together further & what service is best for you.

1:1 VIP Coaching

8 Weekly Sessions

USD1035(7,000 TTD)

3-6 month payment plans available

All objectives of 1:1 Intensives deepened plus:
45 Minute Guided Breath work session
Deep dive into self-discovery process
Identify & decondition value systems, core beliefs & survival patterns that keep you stuck
Introduction to Energetic Management
Clarity on specific goal & creating a custom action plan to implement
Accountability throughout our time together related to goals
Voice & Messaging access to me between sessions to use as SOS calls when support is needed to manage triggers
Access to 1 True Growth Digital Course
Customized Resource Board for you

1:1 VIP Coaching

12 weekly sessions

USD1625(11, 000 TTD)

3-6 month payment plans available

All objectives of 8 week, 60-minute coaching plus:
Implementing Energetic Management to Day to Day activities
Utilizing your self discovery as a guide for goal achievement & setting
Creating & understanding your manifestation process & style
Understading & Implementing Integration of the new version of yourself as someone who has achieved your heart centered goal
Strategies to self-coach and manage triggers when they come up


Most frequent questions and answers

Sessions are conducted online via zoom.

Payments can be made via credit card, online bank transfer or direct bank deposit.

This is based on personal preference. Most persons book 75 minute intensives because they are already certain they need this kind of support.

After 2 1:1 Intensives you receive a coupon to have your 3rd intensive discounted. This may also be gifted to someone else if desired. (Be sure to make mention of this when making booking.)

For True Growth Calls be sure to cancel the call and choose a new date from the website. For VIP Coaching inform me via voxer, email or instagram and we will reschedule.

Yes. A contract is signed between you and myself before the start of a 8
weeks & or  12 week session

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